UI Guide for VASP

When you modify the withdrawal UI, this guide might be a help.
Before VASP integrates travel rule protocol, it is required to put the beneficiary's wallet address only to make withdrawal. However, with the travel rule protocol, the originated VASP needs to know which beneficiary the user wants to send to. Therefore, it is necessary to have UI changes as follows.
This is an example of one of our alliances. You do not have to follow it, but you might want to have similar inputs to the users, so that they can send their digital assets through CODE travel rule protocols correctly.

Deposit Screen

In the example above, the user is being asked to enter a field called Recipient Name in English. This field is automatically filled in when the user goes through KYC. It's being stored on the platform and we're not asking them to fill it in every time.
Following is another example and this also shows the name of recipient on the screen with the deposit wallet address.

Withdrawal Screen

In the example above, the exchange shows the list of the beneficiary VASPs to the user so that the user can select the VASP he/she want to send the asset. When the user selects the VASP, then they need to input the beneficiary’s name.
The list of beneficiary VASPs could be a dropdown or something that you want to. Usually, VASPs will display the list of beneficiaries in their FAQ as well.