• The content of IVMS101 Naming Convention has been revised.
    • The information regarding transliteration has been removed when dealing with overseas VASPs without an English name.
  • Enhancements have been made to recipient name verification in IVMS101.
    • Added details on comparing nameIdentifier and localNameIdentifier.
    • Added information for cases where nameIdentifier is blank ("").


  • Added CODE-Cipher instruction.
  • Added UI Guide


  • 'Report Transfer Result' API has been modified in both CODE API and VASP API.
    • This API shall be called at a time just after taking the Transaction ID. Before 1.7, this API is called when it can be guaranteed that the transfer of a virtual asset will not be rolled back.
    • Procedural Details added to guarantee information delivery by API.
    • Originating VASP has to call 'Finish Transfer' API when the transaction has failed during the process.
    • Some 'reasonType's in response are added.
  • 'Finish Transfer' API has been modified in both CODE API and VASP API.
    • Modified when to use and how to implement API by the originating VASP.


  • Details of header parameter have been modified.
    • X-Code-Req-Remote-Pubkey has been newly added. This is the public key of the other VASP used for message encryption. Omit it if it is not encrypted.
  • A new category has been added to errors.
    • If you request the verification of a beneficiary's name, please enter his or her first and last name separately.
    • Modified the body sample.
  • Changes due to linkage with VerifyVASP on API statement have been added.
    • Descriptions on VASP list inquiry API have been supplemented.
    • Descriptions on public key list inquiry API have been supplemented.
    • If the addressee’s name is included in the address inquiry request, name verification is done as in the asset transfer permission request. Since this is still the statement to process requests from VerifyVASP, it is applied only for designated exchange inquiry, not all parts inquiry.
    • INPUT_NAME_MISMATCHED has been added to response reasonType of the address inquiry request.
    • As an asset transfer permission request sent by VerifyVASP has the originatingVASP object outside payload, the process to copy this object inside the ivms101 have been added to the description.
    • The beneficiary-confirmed and beneficiary-denied states of the asset transfer termination API cannot be used. It does not send to the reception VASP, but the CODE server responds 200 OK instead. The asset transfer history of the reception VASP does not change.
    • Among the response message formats of the transfer asset termination API, UNKNOWN has been added to reasonType. If VerifyVASP responds to an error, UNKNOWN is returned since there is no reasonType.


  • Modified contents on the name (nameIdentifier) notation.
    • When a transaction is made between domestic VASPs, enter an English name in localNameIdentifier.
    • If you request the verification of a beneficiary's name, please enter his or her first and last name separately.
    • Modified the body sample.
  • Modified the description in the Error Report section.


  • Modified the incorrect content of asset address search request message sample.
  • Supplemented the field descriptions of the asset transfer authorization request.
  • Modified the nameIdentifier and LocalNameIdentifier fields in the asset transfer authorization request and response message samples which do not match the specification or are matters which are difficult to understand.
  • Error response
    • Added 503 -> INVALID_ENCRYPTED_BODY error. Return when it is a body message that cannot be decoded.
  • Modified the name comparison rules of the name notation.


  • Changed the behavior description of header X-Code-Req-Nonce.
    • The Nonce value is checked only in the CODE server, and if a duplicate value is received within 1 minute, it is 422 Validation error: Return DUPLICATED_HEADER_NONCE error.
  • Added the description of Message Encryption and Signing.
    • If the CODE server fails to verify the signature, it is 422 Validation error.: Return INVALIDE_HEADER_SIGNATURE error.
  • VASP List Search API
    • Changed the response format. Added health, country -> countryOfRegistration, allianceName (code, vv(verifyvasp)).
  • Virtual Asset Address Search API
    • Modified the part where the specification differs between the CODE API and the VASP API.
    • Changed to vaspEntityId -> beneficiaryVaspEntityId of the message format.
    • Changed the BeneficiaryVaspEntityId field in the response message from Optional to Required. Since the responding side does not know whether this request is unicast or broadcast, a response message was written based on Broadcast.
    • Added LACK_OF_INFORMATION to reasonType.
    • Added NOT_SUPPORTED_SYMBOL to reasonType.
  • Asset Transfer Authorization API
    • Modified the description of Request Body -> beneficiary object according to the format.
    • Supplemented the description of the beneficiaryPersons object.
    • Added tradePrice, tradeCurrency, isExceedingThreshold fields to the request message.
    • Removed currency, amount, historicalCost from the response message.
    • Modified a sample in which you enter the names of the request message and the response message.
    • Deleted the incorrect sanctionlist in the result field description.
    • Added LACK_OF_INFORMATION to reasonType.
    • Added NOT_SUPPORTED_SYMBOL to reasonType.
  • API to change asset transfer status
    • Changed the name to end of asset transfer API and then change the specification.
    • Changed the API to an API whose purpose is not change to the asset transfer status, but to the final end status.
    • Added reasonType.
  • Error response
    • Add 429 Too Many Requests error.
  • Changed transaction status search API specification.
    • Changed API description.
    • Changed status field type.
    • Changed the txid field to required -> optional.
  • Added health check API.


  • Added IVMS101 the notation of message LegalPerson information/name.
  • Removed Message Encryption -> Response Signing Description.
  • Added 503 error type.
  • Added the description of asset transfer information.
  • Changed VASP list search API URL.
  • Added a country field, which means a country whose VASP has been registered to VASP list search API response format.
  • Integrated sanctionlist as invalid in the result field value of the virtual asset wallet address search API.
  • Integrated sanctionlist as denied in the result field value of the asset transfer authorization request API.
  • Added INPUT_NAME_MISMATCHED to reasonType of asset transfer authorization request API.
  • Added result value and reasonType value of transaction status change API.
  • Removed originResponse of the message field.