Asset Transfer History Management

After sending a virtual asset transfer request, it is recommended that each VASP store the asset transfer information involved and manage the status in order to track the transfer details.
Please save the following data.
  • transferId: Unique ID assigned to asset transfer details
  • status: Status information of the asset transfer details
  • Transaction asset information: Asset transfer details, such as symbol, amount, etc.
  • Sender/receiver information: The name of the party to the asset transfer transaction
  • Sending/transmitting VASPs information: Information on asset transfer VASP
Among these, the status can have the following statuses:
  • wait: The originating VASP has requested the beneficiary VASP for the asset transfer authorization and is waiting for its response. (It may change to verified or denied status.)
  • verified: You have been authorized to transfer an asset from the beneficiary VASP. At the same time, a transaction has not been yet sent to the blockchain. (It may change to cancel or confirm status.)
  • denied: You have been denied the authorization to transfer an assets from the beneficiary VASP. (Status does not change any longer.)
  • confirmed: The transaction has been completed on the blockchain and the txid is updated. (It may change to beneficiary-confirmed or beneficiary-denied status.)
  • beneficiary-confirmed: The asset had been reflected in the beneficiary's DB so that the transfer of an asset between VASPs has been completed. (Status does not change any longer.)
  • beneficiary-denied: Based on the judgment of the beneficiary VASP, the asset has been rejected in the beneficiary's DB. (Status does not change any longer.)
  • canceled: Status may be changed from the verified status, and the asset transfer has been finished without executing the asset transfer on the blockchain. (Status does not change any longer.)